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#8697: BP REST API Messages endpoint - total messages per thread
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Changes (by espellcaste):

 * priority:  normal => low
 * severity:  normal => minor
 * milestone:  Awaiting Review => Under Consideration


 @niftythree I'd like to clarify the request.

 If I understood the request correctly, you would like to get the total
 number of messages in a request/thread.

 So if your app requests a thread which has 30 messages, and you make a
 request to show 10 messages per page/screen, you would like the 10 items
 but also wanna know the total amount of messages are available in this

 If that's the case, you can get this information not in the response of
 the request but in its header. See https://developer.wordpress.org/rest-

 > To determine how many pages of data are available, the API returns two
 header fields with every paginated response:
 > X-WP-Total: the total number of records in the collection
 > X-WP-TotalPages: the total number of pages encompassing all available

 That means you can:

 - get the total number of thread messages using the `X-WP-Total` header.
 - get the total number of screens/pages using the `X-WP-TotalPages` header
 - And the total amount of messages per screen `recipients_per_page`, which
 is a parameter you can set as well.

 See https://developer.buddypress.org/bp-rest-api/reference/private-
 messaging/#list-messages-threads for a list of pagination parameters which
 are specific to this endpoint.

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