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#7873: BP_DEFAULT_COMPONENT or Custom front template as the landing page ?
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Comment (by hnla):

 In the first instance I failed to understand why a constant defining the
 default user screen should take precedence over having an active front
 page set as 'home' and as is generally the landing page/default screen,
 that just seems unintuitive, however the use case described where you
 might want your account with home page but visiting other users you land
 on ? 'profile' could have merit.

 I'm still doubtful whether this is really an issue but brajesh has been
 working in detail with BP for long enough that it needs considering.

 Can we not force that constant to act only for others users account if a
 front page is set as active, that would work for me in a ux approach,
 front page is primarily for the logged in user, grouping their dashboard
 like account elements, visiting another user and landing on their profile
 screen would be a good flow with their homepage being of less relevance to
 a visitor.

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