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#7873: BP_DEFAULT_COMPONENT or Custom front template as the landing page ?
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Comment (by sbrajesh):

 Thank you for opening this @imath

 The front page functionality in BuddyPress is very limited. It is either
 all or none. At the moment, if we want to conditionally define landing
 page for user profiles(when front page is active), It is not feasible. The
 only way to accomplish this is by disabling the front page completely.

 While supporting BuddyPress, I have seen the use cases where people do
 want to keep the front page and act is as the user dashboard but while
 visiting other's profile, they do not want the front page  and default to
 something else.

 I haven't looked into details but the above constant used to be the
 simplest way to provide the custom landing page.

 Is there any other recommended way to do it? If not, should the
 BP_DEFAULT_COMPONENT be honoured even when front page is active? Or do you
 recommend filtering on 'bp_displayed_user_get_front_template' ?

 Thank you.

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