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#7656: Update `bp_new_group_invite_friend_list` for new $args to support full list
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 1. Great!

 2. I don't think that's necessary. As I said, I can't remember if
 WordPress does a similar construction, but in its widgets, it has
 `before_title`etc which is handled like so:

 $output .= $args['before_title'] . $title . $args['after_title'];

 How about having this patch's `before_list` and `after_list` treated the
 same - not be escaped and just accept whatever it's given? (when you call
 the function, you'd pass it e.g. `<h3>` rather than `h3`.) It'd give
 flexibility in case someone needs to do some crazy WordPress-style hacks.

 If we did that, we'd need to remote the `parent_classes` attribute and
 rely on people passing the entire element e.g. `<h3 class="yolo">` which
 is what the widgets code does.

 (The widgets) isn't the best code in the world, by any means, but just
 wanted a contrasting option for your consideration. You are more familiar
 than I about consistency with (and if) how we do this sort of thing for
 other BuddyPress functions -- if we do, consistency is more important to

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