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#7750: Hiding Activity site-wide also hides it from the component the activity is
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 Hide-sitewide is a very complex and messy parameter. I believe
 hide_sidewide is always? used for pairs of activities (i.e one record has
 it, and an identical second record does not have it).

 If you’re trying to use one record, you might be running into this. It’s
 entirely possible the current system does not do what you want it to do.
 At any rate, the primary and secondary object IDs are very important to
 have correct to control the visibility, so those are worth double-checking
 against an activity record generated by BuddyPress core.

 I think I can speak for all long term contributors here when I saw we
 would be very happy if the privacy and visibility features that this hide-
 sitewide has would be split into separate columns, or at the very least
 overhauled with something that makes sense. We are not going to tweak the
 current behaviour of it due to its complexity, it’s a task that needs a
 keen contributor to look at.

 If a demonstrable bug with the core functionality or its API can be shown,
 of course we’ll fix it. Because it is undocumented and complex, however, I
 suspect it’s just missing the functionality you expect it to have.

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