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#6844: Extract & relocate core markup functions:  Theme compat include
functionality & search forms file
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 I think you're suggesting a couple different things, some of which I
 totally agree with. [attachment:6844.diff] is an attempt to reconcile them
 with what I have in mind.

 1. First, I agree that the different components should share search-form
 code. This requires just a small amount of abstraction, which
 [attachment:6844.diff] implements in the form of new template tags
 (`bp_get_search_placeholder()`, etc). We could probably use more of these
 template tags - eg, I don't know that we should be using the same one for
 'id' and 'name' attributes, and it really stinks to concatenate
 'members_search_submit' - but this gives you an idea of what I have in

 2. Second, I agree that it's important for theme authors to be able to
 override this markup. That's the whole goal of the ticket, as I understand

 3. However, my point is that theme authors already have a system for
 overriding markup: the template stack.

 4. You're correct that we need some sort of new directory for shared
 template parts. On a lark, I'm suggesting 'common', but other suggestions
 are welcome. (`incl` or something like it seems wrong if the contents are
 template parts.)

 5. I put the `has_filter()` check into the `index.php` template. It's not
 beautiful, but who cares? This will go away when we have a new template

 6. IMO, if we make this change, we no longer have to maintain the existing
 `bp_directory_*_search_form()` functions. We can list in the documentation
 that they are no longer used by default, and that they should not be used.
 Possibly we can move them to the deprecated folder, but this might mean
 crashing sites in some edge cases.

 The approach I'm suggesting seems like much less of a departure from the
 existing paradigm of template overriding. What do you think?

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