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#6592: Email API and customisation features
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 Github branch has had updates since last week that aren't in these

 * HTML now allowed in email footer.
 * Finished working on `wp_mail` detection/handling in `bp_send_email`,
 fixed a couple of PHP notices.
 * Added an extra action for plugin developers to hook to to install their
 emails, which also ties into the Repair tool.
 * Finished replacing placeholder strings in email template ("Hello Paul
 Gibbs"), renamed some email tokens.
 * Site name now prefixed to email subjects.
 * Various language tweaks to strings to improve readability, mostly on the
 Tools screen.
 * Added a banner that only shows to non-`en_US` locales that tells users
 how to reinstall the emails if they're showing up in the wrong language.
 (Need this option to support late installation of language packs, etc).
 * Tweak to email template for better support for wide images.

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