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#7226: Update BP_buttons class to accept new arg param for $element_type
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Comment (by r-a-y):

 @hnla - Can you provide some examples of `bp_get_button()` with your new

 Some code review:

 - The patch looks for `li` as a specific `wrapper` and then you set a new
 property called `li_class`.  If you set `wrapper` to `li`, why do you need
 a `li_class` when there is an existing `wrapper_class`?
 - I think `element` should be renamed to `link_element` to be consistent
 with existing properties like `link_id`, `link_rel`, etc.  You're mixing
 `element` with these `link_*` properties on the `$this->contents` line,
 which made me infer that you want to use these `link_*` properties.

 `BP_Button` is starting to get hard to read.

 What if we did something like this?

 bp_get_button( array(
         // this replaces 'wrapper'
         'parent_element' => 'div',

         // this replaces all 'wrapper_*' params
         'parent_attr' => array(
                 // whatever attributes you want as key / value
                 'id' => 'my-id',
                 'class' => 'parent-class',

         // this will be the main button element
         'button_element' => 'a',

         // this replaces all 'link_*' params
         'button_attr' => array(
                 'class' => 'generic-button',

                 // data-attr could also live here
                 'data-attr' => array(
 ) );

 Of course, we'll add backward compatibility so those older parameters will
 still work.

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