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#5715: Profile image placeholders
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Comment (by Dev49.net):

 Hi guys, I am the author of the [https://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-
 first-letter-avatar/ BuddyPress First Letter Avatar] plugin.

   One, it uses images instead of text
 Yes, I thought since we are replacing avatars, it would be best to replace
 it with images. Two reasons: we can be sure they are all always displayed
 properly and two, we don't have to worry about various alphabets we have
 around the world. Although png was probably a mistake and the way to go is
 probably svg these days. I still wouldn't go with pure CSS.

   if we're going to pursue something like this in BuddyPress, I'd like to
 have them on board, as we'd be stealing the market for their plugin
 Having this functionality natively in BuddyPress would be great, so don't
 mind stealing the market from me :-)


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