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#6148: Default "Profile" page
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Oof. I think it's a decent idea to make it possible to configure the
 default panels for groups and users, but the technique suggested by @r-a-y
 is pretty bonkers.

 The way I've sketched a new concept for the nav API, it would not be
 necessary to jump through these hoops, since nav items would be registered
 in all circumstances. See #6534. But this is going to take some time to
 get into BP.

 Honestly, I feel like it would be slightly less crazy (though it would
 involve a bit more code) to fire off an asynchronous request to a front-
 end page, which would allow the globals to populate in the normal way, and
 then record them to be sent back to the admin. If we're going to pursue
 this ticket in the short term, I think we should do something like that

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