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#6619: Intuitive Buddypress User Verification That is Extensible & a Core Function
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > Plugins like woocommerce and EDD on the other hand are truly DIY
 solutions targeted at site owners, but what's amazing is that they have a
 complete product out of the box, they also have well supported plugins
 that add various basic features.

 Plugins like WooCommerce and EDD are supported in part by paid add-ons,
 and they form the center of fairly large businesses, supported by full-
 time developers. The BuddyPress core team is comprised 100% of volunteers.
 There are a few developers with commercial BuddyPress plugin shops, but
 they are not members of the core team.

 I tend to agree with your overall gist that BP should support lots of good
 stuff out of the box. I disagree that "verified" status is one of the
 things it should support. It'd be one thing for us to add a bit of an API
 that would provide a standardized data model (like you suggest with "one
 core usermeta field"), but any bit of UI that we provide for this kind of
 niche feature is not likely to be good enough for more than 10% of BP

 It's possible that BuddyPress needs a built-in badge system of some sort,
 which would allow site administrators to create toggle-able labels. Our
 new Member Types API would be a logical foundation for this. And Verified
 could, of course, be a badge type that you might introduce.

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