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#6619: Intuitive Buddypress User Verification That is Extensible & a Core Function
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Comment (by Tafmakura):

 (I started using BP recently) One of the biggest frustrations I've had is
 that bp lends too many of its most basic features to third party plugins
 that are mostly outdated non commercial one-man plugins. So when the
 plugin author ditches the plugin the site owner has to migrate to a new
 plugin, if a new one exists it may not even be compatible with the last so
 you have to ditch the feature altogether, or get a developer. hashtags are
 an example of a feature that is on the brink of extinction, I don't know
 where to find a reliable (even commercial) plugin for some features that
 have been relegated to nonexistent plugins.

 I LOVE BP but it is one of the few plugins that has had me scratching my
 head trying to find out how to do the most basic things. Most of the BP
 plugin links I visit are free plugins that are not supported anymore or
 dead links. Without basic out of the box features (or well supported
 freemium add on features) like user verification for example buddypress
 will remain just a core framework for advanced developers to build on by
 getting gigs to customise buddypress. Big Fortune 500 co's who want a one
 off custom job will not grow the BP community).

 Plugins like woocommerce and EDD on the other hand are truly DIY solutions
 targeted at site owners, but what's amazing is that they have a complete
 product out of the box, they also have well supported plugins that add
 various basic features.

 It's easy to relegate basic features to plugin "territory" till you
 realise that the only plugin I could find that does this is out of date.
 Something makes me uncomfortable lending the entire verification sys of my
 community to a single one-man  plugin that was last updated 12 months ago,
 no alternatives exist that i know of. Since I joined the BP community a
 few months ago, unanswered support questions like this are common
 happened-to-it]. I think  the kind of people who will grow the BP
 community are guys who can't necessarily afford to pay an arm and a leg to
 hire one of you guys to develop my custom BP, but instead are willing to
 pay $99 a year to get the features I need in a plugin that is supported by
 the core team and up to date ( I've spent too much time in my bp-
 custom.php, So I respectfully disagree with you and I say this should be a
 core feature. I now have too many plugins already related to BP and  a lot
 of them have not been updated, I apologise for the rant.

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