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#6425: Avatar screen: Remove "Camera" tab if webcam not supported
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > Keep the Upload tab name the way it is
 > Use your suggestions for the camera strings "Take Photo" + warnings

 +1 to these.

 > About point 2. I'd really like to have other opinions, in particular
 @boonebgorges 's one as he was the author of this ticket #5548. Imho the
 warning "Your browser does not support this feature." is a good way to
 help people switch to a browser supporting it if they have this

 I'd venture to say that most people using Safari or IE fall into one of
 the following categories:
 a. People who don't have control over what browser their computer runs
 (this is mostly IE).
 b. People who use whatever their compute came with. These people don't
 know what a "browser" is.
 c. People who have chosen a browser for a specific, principled reason (I
 know people who use Safari for reasons like this)

 In each of these cases, urging the user to switch to another browser is
 not very helpful. For (a), the user cannot switch. For (b) and (c), the
 user will not switch.

 Even for those users who may be succeptible to switching, we need to
 provide better UX here if we want our suggestions to work. Something like
 http://browsehappy.com/ is nice, but it doesn't tell us which browsers
 support camera uploads. At the very least, the "your browser doesn't
 support this feature" message should include something to the effect of
 "Please use the Upload tab instead".

 So, while I sympathize in theory with imath's desire to get people to
 switch to better browsers, I think that in practice, a non-functional tab
 is going to be an annoyance for most people. My vote is to hide it for
 Safari and IE, as suggested in 03.patch. (Sorry imath :) )

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