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#6425: Avatar screen: Remove "Camera" tab if webcam not supported
 Reporter:  r-a-y                               |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement                         |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                              |   Milestone:  2.3
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Changes (by imath):

 * keywords:  has-patch ux-feedback => has-patch ux-feedback dev-feedback


 Thanks for 02.patch r-a-y.

 1. I think we shouldn't change the name of the Upload nav as :
 - potentially this could be used for Sites "logo" in #6026
 - to be consistent we would have to also change the name of the delete nav
 for "Delete Photo"

 2. Although i understand your point and the one of modemlooper, i'm really
 against disabling the camera feature for browsers like Internet Explorer.
 - as you mentioned in your comment in your patch, this is something we'll
 need to check in the future as Microsoft Edge seems to support it.
 - A user has no chance to be aware he could use the feature by switching
 to a browser that supports it :(
 - For Intranet users stuck with an old version of Internet Explorer, the
 administrator can make this choice by using the filter to disable the
 camera feature.

 3. Thanks a lot for improving the camera feature "warning" strings. I
 agree it's a great improvement.

 4. I've put up a test drive for this feature and registered each member of
 the team: http://imath-buddypress.wpserveur.net i've just updated
 BuddyPress to 2.3-beta, so if you need to test it with the mobile devices,
 feel free to do it: you have an account :)

 I've just tested the iPhone on this test drive and this is the UI, as you
 can see no "camera tab".

 About point 2. I'd really like to have other opinions, in particular
 @boonebgorges 's one as he was the author of this ticket #5548. Imho the
 warning "Your browser does not support this feature." is a good way to
 help people switch to a browser supporting it if they have this

 If the majority of us thinks we should completely disallow the "Take
 Photo" (camera) tab for browsers that do not support getUserMedia, then
 i'll surrender :)

 But then, we should be consistent and also disallow the tab in case the
 browser is Safari. So 03.patch is 02.patch with my suggestions :
 - Keep the Upload tab name the way it is
 - Use your suggestions for the camera strings "Take Photo" + warnings
 - include a check on `$is_safari`. I secretly hope this last part won't
 make it :)

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