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#5192: User roles with differents profile fields
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Comment (by tanner m):

 @boonbgorges, I agree about the confusion that could be introduced with a
 more general approach to "Restrictions". I am not in any way saying that
 we should add support for anything other than Member Types. What I am
 proposing is that as we build it in a way so that plugin developers can
 extend it how they wish. They will then need to deal with clearing up that
 And/Or scenario but at least there would be a way for them to hook in and
 add that functionality.

 Really all this means for us is that we store the information in a way
 that is friendly to other restriction types and add hooks and filters to
 allow others to do what they need to.

 I think what we are doing here really has a lot of potential and I keep
 hearing from more and more people how they want to setup these kinds of
 custom restrictions.

 Of course I'll be happy to contribute whichever direction we go, just my
 two cents. :)

 In my fork of @Offereins plugins I have adjusted the the way the data is
 handled and have added the hooks and actions that I think would be needed
 to make this feature extensible.

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