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#5192: User roles with differents profile fields
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 @tanner - Thanks for your thoughts. It looks like your dropbox link has
 expired - I saw your screenshot the other day, but it's no longer
 available. Can you upload it directly to Trac?

 I think I'm a fan of your UI innovation of separating out "This field is
 available to all members" from the type-specific selections. This clears
 up a fair amount of the confusion of the interfaces that Offereins and I
 had been working on. We'll need some JS that disables fields as
 appropriate, of course.

 As for the question of a more general "Restrictions" field, I am a bit
 wary. Adding the ability to display content based on more than one
 criterion means that we're going to have AND/OR confusion. For example, if
 you have member types Student and Teacher alongside the WP roles, and you
 check the boxes Student and Author, does that mean that the field should
 be shown to all Students and all Authors, or only to those members who are
 both Students and Authors? Presumably the former, but what if one wants to
 do the latter? The UI here is complex enough when we're only worried about
 member types. My inclination is that, for 2.4, we should focus on a clear
 UI for that use case only, and think about making it more general (either
 in the same metabox, or with additional metaboxes) in future releases.

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