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#6570: Add UI for adding Profile Header Images for Users and Groups
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Comment (by imath):

 Thanks a lot @BuddyBoss for your very interesting feedback.

 In latest devchat we agreed to not use the Theme Support API because we've
 found a way to play nicely with Standalone BuddyPress Themes.

 In short when the feature will be there it won't change anything for
 themes having their own BuddyPress templates, to be more precise if the
 theme is overriding `groups/single/home.php` and `members/single/home.php`
 then nothing will happen.

 Same for the 'change cover image' template, it will be a new one that will
 be loaded by `members/single/profile.php` so if you have overridden this
 template, nothing will happen. For groups we will need to edit the
 `groups/single/admin.php` template.

 What's i'm working on now is to find a way to add the new navigation into
 the BuddyPress Nav or the Admin Bar only if the current theme is using

 Then how to easily allow to customize h x w and finally Uploads :)

 I'll keep this ticket updated as soon as i'm making some significative

 > This leads to a bigger concern, that BP determines a lot of layout for a
 plugin, the end result being that every BP site looks almost the same. The
 more we can prevent that problem the better.
 I understand the concern, but that's a great thing to have it when the
 theme is not a BuddyPress theme. I think: it would be great to have
 different template packs anyone could activate according to their layout
 preferences :)

 In the meantime i think we can work on making it easier to

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