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#6570: Add UI for adding Profile Header Images for Users and Groups
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Comment (by BuddyBoss):


 Agreed, cover photos should not be activated by default. When people
 update BuddyPress they expect feature updates, as it's a plugin, and not
 to have the layout of their site suddenly changed. Cover photos are a
 major design element to add to a profile and will look weird on a lot of
 themes without adjustments by the theme author.

 In our themes for example, we will need to add a condition to use the
 native has_cover_image functionality if running latest BP, and to default
 to our own cover photo uploader if using a previous version of BP.
 Otherwise if they enable it, it will break the whole layout immediately.
 Lots of other layouts will get broken too.

 This leads to a bigger concern, that BP determines a lot of layout for a
 plugin, the end result being that every BP site looks almost the same. The
 more we can prevent that problem the better.

 >We need to be able to set the cover photo width and height for cropping
 and displaying.

 Absolutely. The theme author needs to be able to set width and height.
 Some will want a small image, and others will want it huge, in the style
 of medium.com.  And many authors will want to overlay the avatar and
 username on the photo, similar to FB/Google+, and so we'll need a taller
 image that can expand vertically on mobile to accommodate everything.
 Basically, you can't predict what people will do with this so it needs to
 be adjustable. It's a visual element.

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