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#6290: Avatars, an extensible UI
 Reporter:  imath                               |       Owner:  imath
     Type:  idea                                |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal                              |   Milestone:  2.3
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Comment (by r-a-y):

 Hi imath,

 Just going to reply to your points:

 > Your second patch is adding the button + the delete tab so the same
 action is duplicated.

 I wanted to keep what you said about the nav in mind so I left the
 "Delete" tab alone in the second patch.  The second patch is mostly to
 show that it is possible to use the Backbone delete code from outside the
 Backbone template.

 > "Or you can upload a new photo:" What about the camera ?

 It was mostly placeholder text.  However, my rationale is that not every
 computer will have a webcam (my desktop doesn't have one), so the "Camera"
 tab shouldn't show up ideally in this scenario.

 > Both patches does not change anything into the wp-admin/extended
 profile, so in admin it's ok to not have a button to delete an avatar ?

 In my opinion, there is less of a user instructional emphasis on the admin
 dashboard's "Extended Profile" screen, which is why I left that alone.
 Plus, the avatar uploader shows up in a modal window, which changes the
 focus of the action.

 > Both patches are editing the templates moving some parts, meaning the
 experience will be different for BuddyPress standalone themes or BP

 Right, but we are not really supporting bp-default any more.

 > Something like this:
 > https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7726/17119251799_e46c752c43_b.jpg

 I think this works well and is a good compromise.  Let's do this instead
 of what I was proposing.  I'd prefer that the message is placed right
 below the nav, but that's just me.  The color scheme of the message also
 doesn't match the existing colors we use for `#message p`, but now I'm
 just nitpicking ;)

 My remaining issues have to do with the older text (not your fault) when
 the new uploader is shown below it:

 > Your avatar will be used on your profile and throughout the site.  If
 there is a Gravatar associated with your account email we will use that,
 or you can upload an image from your computer.

 We shouldn't be using the word "avatar" any more.  Plus the "Gravatar"
 portion of this text should be removed as it doesn't make sense to leave
 it in when a profile photo exists.  I would love this text to be dynamic
 based on certain situations, however these changes would require a string
 change in the template and I don't know how we all feel about that.

 Also, about compatibility, can we change the following for the group
 "Manage > Photo" JS:

 So it isn't reliant on the first paragraph?  If a theme has added more
 than one paragraph here, then the existing code will not work well.  `$('p
 input').remove()` would be safer.


 Finally, boo Ray!  Sorry for bringing up these suggestions just before
 beta.  My plan was to look at this over the weekend, but I got sick and
 couldn't look into this until now.  I'd rather add my feedback than not
 add any at all.

 My intention was definitely not to deemphasis all the hard work you've
 done!  If I did, then I apologize.

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