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#6290: Avatars, an extensible UI
 Reporter:  imath                               |       Owner:  imath
     Type:  idea                                |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal                              |   Milestone:  2.3
Component:  API - Avatars                       |     Version:
 Severity:  normal                              |  Resolution:
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Comment (by imath):

 @r-a-y :

 Thanks for your suggestions, but again, i think it's not a great idea.

 1. Since the beginning i've explained i would use a navigation to list all
 available avatar actions : Upload / Camera / Delete, i'm a bit annoyed
 this patch comes the last day before we will discuss about 2.3 beta.
 2. Both patches are putting the delete action as the major action of the
 UI, above the others as if the most important thing was to delete an
 3. The first patch breaks the dynamic part of the UI when a new avatar is
 set as the delete tab is no more showed, and you need to refresh the page
 to have the delete button above the UI
 4. Your second patch is adding the button + the delete tab so the same
 action is duplicated.
 5. "Or you can upload a new photo:" What about the camera ?
 6. Both patches does not change anything into the wp-admin/extended
 profile, so in admin it's ok to not have a button to delete an avatar ?
 7. Both patches are editing the templates moving some parts, meaning the
 experience will be different for BuddyPress standalone themes or BP
 Default. Here's the 2 ux patches in BP Default :

 Nothing changes for BP Default..

 > I think the "Delete" link is not as prominent as before

 > I think r-a-y is on the right track, though I'd like it to be even more
 prominent and obvious.

 Even if I have difficulties to understand this need to have a "prominent"
 delete action, i think the right way would be to  add a simple message to
 help people find the third tab of the UI. But as i've explained in slack i
 think we then need to use the available Backbone views to do so that we
 maximize its display in themes like BP Default for instance or in the
 administration and preserve some consistency. Something like this :


 But honestly the delete tab is enough. The most important thing in a
 community is not to delete an avatar. it's to have one :)

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