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#6342: Improve XProfile field visibility labels
 Reporter:  johnjamesjacoby       |       Owner:
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Comment (by johnjamesjacoby):

 Replying to [comment:4 boonebgorges]:
 > I guess "hierarchy" seems like a weird word to use for this, but it
 sounds like we're in agreement about the out-of-order bit.
 I don't think it's weird. These visibility types go from fully-open to
 fully-closed, with a few steps in between. It's not a fully fleshed out
 tree like we are used to in WordPress, but it's not a simple ranking
 system either.

 > If the question is "who gets to view this profile field?", I think the
 answer "Everyone" (or maybe better, "Anyone") is pretty clear, even if
 it's not a formalized concept from the point of view of BuddyPress.
 I find "Anyone" to be equally ambiguous – r7510 :)

 > Oy, let's not overarchitect :) We use `if ( bp_is_my_profile() )` to
 swap "My" labels throughout BP. We can do the same thing here. I think
 that visibility levels should be registered with 'label_me' and 'label'
 properties to correspond to the difference.
 BuddyPress does the pronoun dance in enough places where I'm open to a
 separate ticket to try and solve that problem. I'd rather not litter the
 codebase with bespoke approaches to solving the same central verbiage
 problem. In fact, in the past we've done our best to avoid & clean these
 usages up IIRC.

 > Who can see my data? Anyone; logged-in users only; my friends; just me.
 > Who can see John's data? Anyone; logged-in users only; John's friends;
 just John (just the profile owner?)
 > These seem like the most natural ways of speaking, IMO.

 I do like the idea of using the display name; hadn't considered that here.

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