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#6342: Improve XProfile field visibility labels
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > privacy hierarchy with diminishing visibility,

 I guess "hierarchy" seems like a weird word to use for this, but it sounds
 like we're in agreement about the out-of-order bit.

 > I think because the concept of "Everyone" doesn't exist anywhere else in
 BuddyPress, and because we don't really have public/private community
 designation, I'm looking for a more accurate description of what
 "Everyone" translates to.

 If the question is "who gets to view this profile field?", I think the
 answer "Everyone" (or maybe better, "Anyone") is pretty clear, even if
 it's not a formalized concept from the point of view of BuddyPress.

 > I had considered this also, and rabbit holed myself thinking of a
 gettext equivalent function for me vs. you:

 Oy, let's not overarchitect :) We use `if ( bp_is_my_profile() )` to swap
 "My" labels throughout BP. We can do the same thing here. I think that
 visibility levels should be registered with 'label_me' and 'label'
 properties to correspond to the difference.

 >  "Only Me" and "Not Others" ? What's the grammatical equivalent of "Only
 Self" that means "private" without saying so?

 Who can see my data? Anyone; logged-in users only; my friends; just me.
 Who can see John's data? Anyone; logged-in users only; John's friends;
 just John (just the profile owner?)

 These seem like the most natural ways of speaking, IMO.

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