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#3961: Need hierarchical groups
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Comment (by sooskriszta):

 So, for instance:
 University A uses BuddyPress for its Intranet.
 Top level group is Professors.
 2nd level groups are Schools: Graduate, Law, Business and Medicine.
 Subgroups are departments, e.g. at Business School: Accounting, Finance,
 Marketing, Operations and Organizational Behavior.

 The University would want everyone joining Finance group to also be a part
 of the Business School group and Professors group.

 It may switch activity propagation off or on. If it turns activity
 propagation on then the discussions at Finance group percolate all the way
 up to the Professors group. If activity propagation is off then they

 But if there is an announcement that it needs everyone to read, the
 university only wants to post it once on Professors group and wants
 everyone to read. Well, hey, there is no need for the downwards
 propagation of activity stream - all professors are already propagated up
 and can read the announcements posted in the Professors group!

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