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#3961: Need hierarchical groups
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Comment (by sooskriszta):

 One big unresolved issue is propagation:

 If Group 1 is a parent, and Groups 2 and 3 are children of Group 1, then
 should someone joining Group 2 automatically become a member of Group 1?
 Or should someone joining Group 1 automatically become a member of Group

 Theoretically, both approaches seem quite valid. However, let's look at
 live cases and why folks want hierarchical groups. The parent-child
 relationship essentially a bit like successive filters applied to the
 groups. At the top level (say Group 1), there's everyone. Then we filter
 down by interest/ specialization/ location/ class/ what have you. So in
 Group 2 we have fewer folks - only those that are into Group 2 stuff. Then
 we have Group 4 - a child of Group 2. It has even fewer folks. Super

 In other words, in live situations, it seems that the dominant use case is
 one where someone (say A) joining a child should automatically be added to
 the parent. (of course, there needs to be a check so that if A is already
 a member of 1, then that doesn't throw an error when A joins 2).

 Also, there would be some communities that would not want propagation and
 would want parents and children to operate independently. Thus,
 propagation should be a checkbox option.

 What of activity streams? Same upwards propagation principle applies. As
 anyone who has used a CRM software can attest, if I post something in the
 activity stream of a contact person then that propagates up to the
 activity stream of the contact person's organization's activity stream.

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