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#5500: Date xprofile field enhancement
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 sooskriszta - Thanks for the feedback. But the UI you're suggesting here,
 as I'm envisioning it, would be several times more complex than what I
 think we're leaning toward. Those three additional features will translate
 into four or five different settings of different types. Any chance you
 might want to mock up how you imagine the interface looking?

 The options laid out by sooskriszta are helpful in that they show all the
 different ways that date fields might be used. It's pushing me more in the
 direction of DJPaul's position that we should probably just have separate
 field types. That said, I do think that (eg) a DOB field still should have
 some settings; some sites will want to set the earliest date to be 12
 years ago, while others may want it to be 21 years ago, etc. I also think
 there's some merit to having the option for a DOB field to display as age.

 Would it maybe be helpful if we came up with three or four examples of how
 date fields might be used. That would help us to get a sense of where the
 use cases intersect, and what if anything would go into a general "Date"
 field in terms of settings/UI.

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