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#5500: Date xprofile field enhancement
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Comment (by sooskriszta):

 I am convinced that DOB is too specific.

 Let every date field have 3 additional features:
 - Show year (On by Default). If admin switches this off, then in the
 public front-end only date and month are shown, e.g. '''1 January'''
 - Dates to list: '''year x to year y''', or '''from x years before today
 to y years before today''' (accept negative values for x and y to allow
 for future dates)
 - Show time elapsed i.e. '''Today - Date'''. I differ from Boone on the
 language used though. I'd say simply '''80 years''', not '''80 years
 ago'''. Here's why:
   Showing age: '''37 years''' makes more sense than '''37 years ago'''
   Showing countdown: If '''Today - Date''' is negative, i.e. we are
 counting down to an even in the future (say birthday party) then we don't
 want to grapple with a separate text string...we just want to say '''15

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