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#5767: Translation
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Comment (by danbp):

 Yes Paul i know about _nx function, sorry for this error.

 IMO '''viewving''' is a secondary information near a counter. Not all
 sites/projects need this. Not every template has the place for that...
 So adding context lets each translator add what he want, under the
 condition to use the variables order (%1$s - %2$s to %3$s).
 If extended phrasing is needed above this simple output, it's under the
 responsability of the translator. (Hey folks, discover group %1$s to %2$s.
 And it's just the begin: we have a total of %3$s awaiting you !) Very long
 extreme usage. :-) But who knows ?

 Why is the singular form ( viewing 1 item)  more important as a plural (21
 to 41 of 68) ?
 If there is only one page, or member, or post, i already see it ! This
 doesn't even need a count.

 Maybe showing the singular form as 1 post or 1 member or 1 something ( 1 +
 context) is more clear.
 But if i go indepth with that logic, i would also remove any filter,
 because there is nothing to filter when the result is one.

 I would use the most simple and minimalist option in the source (%1$s -
 %2$s of %3$s) and let each translator add his own wording accordingly to
 his project.

 It's just an opinion.

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