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#5390: Remove some old BuddyBar stuff
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Comment (by johnjamesjacoby):

 If someone is holding off updating from 1.6, they're doing it for more
 than the BuddyBar. If we deprecate it, I imagine it will effect a very
 small percentage of installations.

 That said, !BuddyPress is too mature of a project now to completely remove
 any code without a bulletproof migration plan. The way we moved people off
 the BuddyBar and onto using the !WordPress toolbar was really nicely done;
 let's not let perfection get in the way of greatness, at least in this

 I agree with Boone and Ray above... I'd like to see as much of that old
 code moved into a file that can be hot-loaded as necessary, but I'm not
 comfortable completely abandoning any functionality that risks upsetting
 an unsuspecting user who happily clicked the "Update Now" button in
 !WordPress's dashboard, only to be rewarded with a broken site.

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