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#5298: Core notifications and emails when a blog post receives a comment
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     Type:  enhancement            |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                 |   Milestone:  2.0
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Comment (by henry.wright):

 Hi boonebgorges

 Thanks for your thoughts. Great to hear it might squeeze into 2.0. I think
 there's quite a lot to chew on in this ticket - more work involved than I
 originally thought (well at least compared to sending emails and core
 notifications for private messages for example).

 > To me, it makes more sense for this to happen in the blogs component. No
 point in loading it into memory if Blogs is not activated. This'll also
 take care of the multisite bit.

 It does makes far better sense to happen in the blogs component. As you
 say, this should take care of multisite too.

 > I like the motivation behind your suggestion to combine with
 `bp_activity_new_comment_notification_helper()`, but I think that the
 logic required internally would probably be overkill. Though activity
 comments and blog comments are both called "comments", they're different
 types of data objects, and the logic for building the content of the
 activity item would have to be very different. You'd end up with great big
 `if` `then` blocks. Probably makes more sense to keep them separate.

 Good point, agreed!

 I did some further investigation with reference to bullet points 1-5:

 > How are the notifications handled when a user, post or comment is

 We'd also need to think about status transitions of posts and comments
 such as trashing and de-trashing; published to draft and so on

 > Multisite

 I think this one could be handled by your suggestion to move to the blogs

 > Duplicate emails and notifications when an at-mention is used in the

 Which notification should take precedence?

 > Rudimentary checking of WP-native emails (suggested by boonebgorges)

 {{{wp_notify_postauthor}}} is the function that handles the native emails.
 It's a pluggable function so can be overridden. Not sure of the BP policy
 regarding pluggable functions? I've heard they can be dodgy to use.
 Perhaps this is unfounded?

 > Anonymous commenters (suggested by r-a-y)

 Should anonymous comments generate an email, a core notification, both, or

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