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#5160: Use gruntjs to generate minified versions of the js and css files
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 Replying to [comment:3 boonebgorges]:
 > If we're going to go with bp-grunt-lite out of consideration for sites
 that are running trunk, then we should probably also add some more items
 to the 'dev' task. In particular, we probably need to add the bbPress
 external and cssmin for sites that are running trunk and also using these

 For lite, I made an assumption that we'd remove the bbPress SVN external,
 and add in the bbPress files when building a release package as a way of
 maintain backpat yet keeping a dev environment clean as of much deprecated
 stuff as possible. For example, I'd propose to include BP-Default in the
 same way if/as/when we move it to wp.org/themes/.

 Did you have further thoughts to other items for the dev build for lite?
 PHPUnit? We'd definitely want a `watch` command added separately so we can
 lint JS during development. It looks like I didn't write this above, but
 with both the proposed bp-grunt and bp-grunt-lite, we'd no longer be
 committed minified CSS/JS to trunk. We'd only want those for the release
 packages. Sites running new /trunk/ as a checkout would load up the un-
 minified CSS/JS.

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