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#5160: Use gruntjs to generate minified versions of the js and css files
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 DJPaul - Thanks so much for working on these. The implementation looks

 I have some questions/thoughts about workflow.

 - If we're going to go with bp-grunt-lite out of consideration for sites
 that are running trunk, then we should probably also add some more items
 to the 'dev' task. In particular, we probably need to add the bbPress
 external and cssmin for sites that are running trunk and also using these
 - If we go with bp-grunt, and move trunk around, we could talk to the .org
 team about getting our own version their own split setup.
 bpdevelop.svn.wordpress.org which would then sync to
 buddypress.svn.wordpress.org. In that case, we might need another task for
 syncing to buddypress.svn, which would keep the tests files, run cssmin,
 run the bbPress external, etc. (I think this is a much more elegant
 solution, but it depends on nacin being able to help us with it.)
 - Does anyone know how WP core Grunt builds integrate into their core dev
 workflow? I assume that there is a post-commit hook that runs the
 necessary build task on the server? Or do the devs do it locally?

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