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#4952: New template pack for BuddyPress
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Comment (by sooskriszta):

 Replying to [comment:57 hnla]:
 > there comes a point where there has been enough discussion and time to
 match with actual action lest we simply go around in circles.
 I understand, and I agree.

 That's why I created #5011 to look beyond what we are able/willing to do

 Don't we do this sort of thing (i.e. aspirational tickets) all the time
 when we mark ticket milestones as "Future release"?

 Replying to [comment:57 hnla]:
 > members dir 'cards' while do look great with additional profile
 data...tends to get marked as something that core shouldn't provide
 Haven't seen that yet. But would love to continue that discussion at #4126

 The idea is whether or not a backend for selecting the individual fields
 is available or not, certain decisions can be taken (for instance, the
 name of the flag used to indicate that a field would be included on cards)
 and the template should provide for it...for whenever the functionality is
 included in the core.

 Perhaps that's not the right approach and a case of the tail wagging the

 Replying to [comment:57 hnla]:
 > some are more to do with the theme author
 We should let go of the notion that some stuff will be done by theme
 authors. There aren't going to be any BuddyPress themes. There aren't many
 now, and with theme compatibility we are killing them completely. (don't
 get me wrong - I think theme compatibility is the best thing that ever
 happened to BuddyPress)

 Rather we should apply the test that we apply when looking at features:
 1. Is this something that will be useful/valuable for a large proportion
 of the user base?
 2. Is this something that will create hardship for a large proportion of
 the user base?
 (maybe there are more tests)

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