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#4952: New template pack for BuddyPress
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Comment (by hnla):

 @sooskriszta I appreciate some of your points here but also I would say
 that some are more to do with the theme author or site developer than part
 of a template pack, i.e members dir 'cards' while do look great with
 additional profile data ( & I do this when opportunity arises)that kind of
 customization is relatively advanced and best in the hands of a developer,
 in terms of providing that it would definitely require that the template
 pack then provide a full admin screen of theme option settings and while
 this has been mooted in the past it tends to get marked as something that
 core shouldn't provide.

 I think the most important thing to understand about this process is that
 it is one that has been pushed for for a while and whereas there are
 possibly many options that could be looked into, ongoing discussions about
 how components could be handled etc these side projects can have a habit
 of running aground and stalling very easily.

 I might have my own views on many aspects that are being discussed, but as
 a developer I'm more focussed on ensuring that finally we can get to
 markup templates in best fashion possible, visual styles I'm kind of happy
 to accept from the wireframes we have thus far and settling on those so
 things can be progressed and the whole process proved valid and

 As for negativity I think this is a bad phrase, discussions are not
 negative however I always tend to think that there comes a point where
 there has been enough discussion and time to match with actual action less
 we simply go around in circles.

 @karmatosed  not sure what we have settled on or not but would advocate
 making a decision that this project milestone is changed to 1.9 ( given we
 have some notion of what sort of timelines 1.9 would entail ) think it
 makes sense to give it enough time to be done properly than to risk trying
 to possibly rush things to meet a deadline.

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