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#3460: Support custom post types in activity stream
 Reporter:  boonebgorges  |       Owner:  boonebgorges
     Type:  enhancement   |      Status:  new
 Priority:  low           |   Milestone:  1.8
Component:  Activity      |     Version:  1.2.8
 Severity:  normal        |  Resolution:
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Comment (by karmatosed):

 I'm not sold this interface shown in activity screen.png is needed it
 feels over complicated and a half measure. That section is now rarely used
 by users so it feels like putting something down back of sofa because
 can't handle it better. I also think the UI suggested is a bit confused:

 1. Should the comments be per CPT?
 2. What happens with 10... even more CPT? That seems a clunky UI for that

 Thinking around the idea it could be any of these options:
 1. If CPT a tab opens for a full fledges admin panel setting - no half
 measure stuck below activity have it as it's own tab for CPT. This seems
 to then allow a better UI with easier picking.
 2. A function flag you can turn on / off in theme post types - bit like
 post types
 3. It's safe to assume if you are using a plugin/theme that has a CPT you
 want it on. Therefore having all on seems to make sense. Perhaps turning
 off is done in theme or plugin?

 I personally don't think most users would be frustrated by all on.

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