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#4952: New template pack for BuddyPress
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     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new
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Comment (by karmatosed):

 Hmmm we went off trac a bit here lets get a few things sorted and then we
 can hopefully move on.

 1. The divide is only there as an illustration of a link. As said before,
 this isn't a design as it's a wireframe. These are simply links. We aren't
 adding styling.

 2. Point 1. being said you can use :after CSS to show a divide if we want
 so not sure what the big issue is there.

 3. Cut off point is here. We're not doing anymore revisions.

 4. I'm going to try and be in today's meeting but still travelling and
 have conference brain so need to get back to things tomorrow. I will then
 post as said in earlier ticket about next steps.

 5. Lets try and keep this ticket focused on one thing at a time it's going
 to avoid confusion. Any things that need extra work can have tickets
 opened and debate done there. We need a bit of dividing up of things I
 think into sub tickets once we get to that point anyway.

 6. We won't be using icons @sooskriszta we've already discussed that. If
 we had anything graphic like that it should be an icon font and there are
 no plans for that.

 @ubernaut: I'm sure we can find a way you can get involved. You don't have
 to know hooks like that so just don't worry about that for now.

 @hnla: I feel you're overcomplicating things/going into other bits here
 that aren't these wireframes a bit to be honest here and my point 5 really
 needs to come into play so we can get things into focus. Hope that's cool
 just trying to keep things on track.

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