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#4952: New template pack for BuddyPress
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Comment (by hnla):

 Apropos vertical separators:

 >wondering if horizontal space alone would be superior

 Technically no, not superior, accessibly flawed. This becomes not a
 question of visual styling but of wcag.

 That set of action buttons is flawed in that it is a list or set of
 actions and would be correctly rendered as a 'list' Anchor elements are
 implicitly inline elements and intended to be rendered within inline data,
 rendering links bare and naked outside of that context requires that they
 have some form of symantic context, if and when they don't the requirement
 is that you must provide some means of establishing separation between
 those elements - this is not a visual requirement! - with those links
 rendered for example in a ul construct that requirement is negated and the
 developer is not required to establish separation as the ul li elements
 provide that, then we can choose to provide a visual cue in using vert
 separators as a visual enhancement rather than requirement which is the
 best of both worlds.

 So one job that needs doing is the markup for those  meta actions being
 re-written as a ul li construct.

 How ever one huge flaw to that plan might be the fact that there is a
 dirty great do_action at the bottom of that containing div allowing
 developers to inject whatever they like which has the potential to break
 whatever markup is used here. Grabbing the contents of the do_action into
 an array and looping it into 'li' elements could work but still is flawed
 as we have no means of managing what may be in that array.

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