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#4952: New template pack for BuddyPress
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Comment (by karmatosed):

 @sooskriszta: Thank you for your comments. Also, thank you for your
 wireframe contibutions. I'd encourage you to join the dev chats if you can
 to become part of the project. It would be great to bring you on board.

 Let me first go over a few aims for this template pack as think this
 answers some of your suggestions. Then I'm going to try and deal with

 1. This is meant to not be a theme it's structure.
 2. To point 1, scripts and icons / images are going to be something we at
 least if we can want to avoid. We're still keeping to theme compatibility
 3. Groups and members are different directories so should look different.
 4. Whatever we do has to slot into any theme. That's one reason for a lot
 of choices in the wireframes.

 Those points aside, here are my thoughts to your suggestions.

 - Member directory:
 I'm not against the photo wall as an option for members. However, it to be
 done right, elegantly and repsonsively needs to really have some
 scripting. If our goal is to be as light as possible adding scripting
 would go against this.

 Oddly what you've got there is exactly what we had for Turtleshell.
 Unfortunately, it wasn't prefect at all. The issue is margins and
 formatting - it just looked clunky even with child selectors.

 The format I have done is very like Metro style for the format and
 therefore does play to contact cards.

 It's important we make sure information is right though so happy to
 consider other options there.

 I don't feel a 'green light' works in this case. I understand what it
 means UI wise but I'm not sold a lot of users will just be lost as to what
 that means. We've got to aim for low and high end users in our UI. Same
 really applies to graphic icons. We're trying to not leave things open to
 interpretation or add graphics at this stage.

 I feel a lot of your wireframes are more 'theme' which is fine but that's
 not really what we're aiming for.

 The rollover requires a script and actually I did this for a client myself
 the other day. However, again the issue of 'do we roll javascript into the
 templating'. If we're going into 'any theme' is this a good idea? I'm
 airing on a no when we can do so much cool stuff just with CSS.

 Another issue with hover is people 'knowing to hover'. If you have the
 right user base this isn't an issue but perhaps when we're considering a
 larger umbrella base it would be.

 - Group directory:
 I've had for a while strong feelings this should no matter what else be
 different from the members. It's different content. I'm keen on one being
 2 column and 1 no column like the UI suggested for those reasons.

 It's been raised about having an image so that's definetly something needs
 to be considered to roll in.

 - Group profile:
 I actually feel that the position of the join button is right where it is.
 I'm grouping actions in that UI so it fits there.

 - Activity profile:
 Yes and no it's 'really member profile'. It's showing activity on a
 profile so works to cover both UI.

 There is no display name as the username is there. It could be added in
 again if we decide it needs to be. I'm not sold it's an h1 though - never
 have been on any of those profile names.

 Showing previews feels like widget territory there if anything. We can
 though add a widget area there. So that's fine to consider.

 Actionables I'm happy to bring in right now to the wireframes and will are
 the following:
 1. Add username and full name to member profile
 2. Add image to group profile
 3. Note that the menu will have a widget area after on profile so users
 can customise

 I'll leave others to join the conversation and get your responses also to
 the above things before we move on anything else.

 Our deadline for wireframes was yesterday but as you may not have known
 this, I am happy to allow yours to be considered. I'm not totally sold on
 rethinking everything though as would throw us off schedule. Don't meant
 to be strict about deadlines but we're trying to keep to a timescale.

 That all said, I am hugely grateful for your contributions and look
 forward to you getting involved in this.

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