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#4952: New template pack for BuddyPress
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Comment (by sooskriszta):

 '''Group directory'''
 - Often groups have "profile" images too. Shouldn't we display them in the
 directory? I feel it could be a good thing to display the images. Reading
 is exhausting compared to well-chosen profile images.
 - Also, why not make this 2-column like

 '''Group profile'''
 Maybe I am not seeing right, but it would seem to me that the most salient
 position on the page for the Join Group button would be adjacent to the
 Group name on top. Opinions?

 '''Activity profile'''
 I assume that this is really the member profile page.
 Here's the beef:
 - Why is there no display name on the page? Group profile very sensibly
 has the group name right up top in bold (H1)
 so how come unlike every other social network, the member's name is just
 absent from the profile? I suggest we put the member name (display name)
 right on top as H1 just as group name is on group profile.
 - The other thing is a bit broader: I would like to challenge the whole
 paradigm of "click on the relevant tab to see details". I feel it is much
 more sensible (and common) to show previews from each tab (groups,
 friends, photos...) on the main profile page itself. If someone wants more
 info they can click to see that tab. But just visiting the profile page
 should give the first-time visitor some sense of the member, and for that
 the activity feed by itself falls woefully short.

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