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#4767: Does 1.7 make plugins.php defunct?
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Component:  Core         |     Version:  1.7
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Comment (by modemlooper):

 thanks guys, for the info. I was asking specifically to have a way to have
 a fallback template for /groups/non-group-slug

 Let say we have /teams/ and you want to have /teams/sign-up with some sign
 up info. There isn't a easy way to allow this. I've managed to get a sub
 url working but the javascript goes haywire if you click a tab and you are
 not on the group root. if you are on a sub url and click a tab you load
 the entire website. http://dev.taptappress.com/groups/name-of-tab/ I
 blocked js on that tab just to get an idea of what happens. Click the all
 groups and you can see what happens.

 I was thinking we could add a plugins.php for directories. So that tabs
 can hook into and utilize the javascript to load content.

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