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#4767: Does 1.7 make plugins.php defunct?
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 These questions are mostly independent from each other.

 > Does 1.7 make plugins.php defunct?

 No. plugins.php works the same way as it does now for new components as
 well as group extensions. BP's theme compat layer loads plugins.php
 dynamically in the same way as every other BP template, and it can be
 overridden in a theme in the normal way.

 > Is there a method to override BP's override of the_content?

 If you mean "can I change the template that BP chooses to use for a given
 content type", then you should filter `'bp_get_template_part'`.

 > say you want to have groups/slug <- not a group but a sub page with some
 loop or content

 This doesn't really have anything to do with theme compatibility. When you
 make a request for `example.com/groups/foo/`, BP assumes you're looking
 for a group called `foo`. If there's no group by that slug, BP will return
 a 404. If you want to override that 404, you'll have to either hook in
 before BP runs its routing magic, or (as John suggests above) after BP
 fails (in which case you'll have to unset the 404 in addition to whatever
 custom routing you want to do).

 >  What will be the method to put content here. bp_core_load_template ?

 I'd suggest using `bp_get_template_part()`, because that'll allow others
 (like themers) to take advantage of BP's template stack logic.

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