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#4639: Add template hierarchy support
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 Having woken up properly now, I've just had a proper test of Ray's patch.
 It works, and adds hierarchy to the main templates that we load for each
 section, e.g. members/single/home.php. It replaces the entire template,
 and I now understand this is desirable, and it allows Roger to do the type
 of thing that he suggested. It also highlighted a bug in my patch, which
 also supported a custom home.php, but rather than replacing the entire
 file, it overrided a template part rather than the whole template.

 For these main templates (need a better name), we should complete Ray's
 patch, and get it into core, as a first pass. These are loaded via
 bp_core_load_template() calls in core, and I'll make a list of them for

 A second step can be to introduce a hierarchy for templates included
 inside one of the main templates, giving people more granular control over
 specific template parts rather than the entire page template.

 This is going to require a really comprehensive codex page to document :)

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