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#4090: Activity stream doesn't like scheduled post in multisite
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Gah, not this issue again. Last time I "fixed" it, a bunch of people
 jumped down my throat because clearly I did not know what I was talking
 about; now this issue is showing the merits of the way it was before I
 "fixed" it again. Oy :)

 One simple strategy is to use the current server time, instead of
 `post_date` or `post_modified`, when tagging the activity item. In the
 case of normal write-and-then-publish posts, the values will be the same
 anyway; in the case of scheduled posts, it'll end up with the correct
 published date. I'll have to think about whether this would have any
 effect on other types of scenarios (backdating, for instance). Feedback

 Another option is to check the previous status of the post before deciding
 on a timestamp for the activity item. The problem with this is that
 there's not really a reliable way of checking this. I'll have to do more
 research to see if there's a place in the post-publishing process where we
 can hook in and detect that a scheduled post is being published.

 FWIW, it would be worth seeing what WP itself does with scheduled posts. I
 don't know off the top of my head. Do they get `post_date` of the
 *scheduled* time, and a `post_modified` of the time of the last save? Is
 `post_date` set only once (at the time of writing), or is it changed when
 the post is published? Etc.

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