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#4090: Activity stream doesn't like scheduled post in multisite
 Reporter:  Prometheus Fire   |      Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)      |     Status:  new
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 I didn't see this any where in the 1.6 roadmap, but I'm getting a bug with
 how BP handles putting scheduled posts into the activity stream.

 The behavior that is occurring goes like this;

 I have a blogger who works about a week ahead. She writes her post on a
 sunday, finalizes and does a final save, then schedules it to publish the
 following friday. When WP changes the status of the post from scheduled to
 published, BP adds the post to the activity stream based on the timestamp
 of the last save (which was Sunday). This is likely because the status of
 the post is changing, not the timestamp.

 If WP were made to do an auto-save when it publishes a scheduled post,
 then the last timestamp would coincide with the publishing date, this is
 based on the behavior that BP updates the activity stream whenever a post
 is resaved (Unfortunately, I see that you guys changed that behavior here
 in #3746) so forcing WP to resave on publish won't work.

 There needs to be some way of accurately recording a scheduled post in the
 activity stream. BTW, this was a tricky bug to see, it is best noticed
 using the RS Buddypress Activity Refresh plugin
 With that plugin, when a post is published, the new record prepends to the
 top of the activity page when left idle, when you refresh the page, the
 activity stream resorts into its correct chronological order (thus causing
 the record of that recently published scheduled post to drop down to its
 spot in the stream). In order to get these posts in properly based on
 their publication date, we've been having to manually resave them to make
 them appear in the current stream correctly (which is why I mentioned
 ticket #3746).

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