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#3242: blog comment spacing does not match activity stream spacing
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Comment (by hnla):

 This is just a aide memoir for issue remaining from #3249 - comment
 replies removal of div.comment-options if comments off.

 div spuriously displayed even though comments off and thus
 comment_reply_link() returning false resulting in an empty element.

 removal results in the margins that it carried being lost and comment
 spacing affected.

 Basic solution would be to take the bottom margin that exists on div
 .comment-options and transfer it to the ul.children directly below
 (currently no top margin) this accounts for the margin between these two
 elements always present. .comment-options top margin would need to
 transfer to the bottom of the last-child p

 However looking at this I don't get the markup, it flows comment-meta and
 comment-options in div.comment-content, why!! why are those two items not
 outside of content or why isn't there a div.comment-entry this would make
 life simpler, does it have backwards compat issues? if not I suggest a re-
 formulation of the markup to include div.comment-entry

 <div class="comment-entry">
   <?php comment_text() ?>

 div.comment-content is actually a redundant element it aggregates it's
 children for no good reason the li parent already acts as the aggregator.

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