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#2535: Group Forums Showing in Standalone bbPress
 Reporter:  alhoon    |       Owner:              
     Type:  defect    |      Status:  new         
 Priority:  critical  |   Milestone:  1.2.5       
Component:  Core      |    Keywords:  dev-feedback

Comment(by alhoon):

 Thank you for your detailed response. I had assumed you were a core
 developer based on your evident knowledge in the BP forums, so I suppose
 that is up to them.

 I'm not really aware of any pressing advantages to maintaining a single
 set of bbPress tables, particularly when the situation with incompatible
 extensions complicates any meaningful integration. I think we'd be able to
 try the BP forum installation method without issue as well as the custom
 plugin approach.

 WP one-click upgrades are normally excellently executed and in no need of
 detailed documentation, but this can be problematic when things go wrong
 or non-standard implementations are involved, and standard bbPress is
 barely usable without major extension.

 In the event that this issue goes unresolved, some documentation
 explaining the differences and requirements of the two integration methods
 would probably be welcomed - as you can see the only information I was
 able to come away with after much searching was sketchy and frequently
 incorrect. The level of confusion surrounding bbPress, bbPress WP and
 bbPress BP is frankly something which needs to be addressed.

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