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#2535: Group Forums Showing in Standalone bbPress
 Reporter:  alhoon    |       Owner:              
     Type:  defect    |      Status:  new         
 Priority:  critical  |   Milestone:  1.2.5       
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Comment(by r-a-y):

 I am not arguing.  I'm merely stating facts.
 I should state that I'm not on the BP core dev team.

 I did not "blow off" your report either, otherwise I wouldn't have pointed
 you to the forum post, which details how to hide group BP forum posts on a
 standalone bbPress install (I admit, the instructions need to be cleaned

 I have also asked about the same thing when bbPress became integrated into
 BuddyPress since v1.1.  You're not alone.



 ''The docs are very unclear, but from our research it seems the only
 officially supported (and if it isn't supported, what on earth is it doing
 in the forums activation routine?) way of having Group Forums and a pre-
 extant bbPress standalone is to use the existing install.''

 This isn't correct.  The way you mention is one way.  The other way is
 setting up a new install on the "BuddyPress Forums Setup" page.  You would
 be using two sets of bbPress tables though, whereas the method you mention
 would use one set of tables.



 ''Utilising a new install will apparently trash the existing install by
 overwriting its tables? And would merging/coexisting a simultaneous
 integrated install and a standalone install even be supported when bbPress
 is a WP plugin?''

 This isn't correct.  BuddyPress creates a new set of bbPress tables, so
 your existing one doesn't get "trashed".  Re: second point - bbPress is in
 a state of flux.  It will be up to the BP core dev team to decide whether
 BP will utilize bbPress as a Wordpress plugin when it emerges.



 ''Similar migration issues of standalone installs into plugin installs are
 bound to occur there - it would be astonishing (and disastrous) if
 developers were to say those are "outside the realm of Wordpress" as well,
 yet the situation is practically the same...''

 By "outside the realm", I was referring to the installation process.  Two
 different scripts:  Wordpress and standalone bbPress.  You want to somehow
 tell your existing, standalone bbPress install to hide BuddyPress group
 forum posts?  There are so many running variables to consider that it
 would be impossible to offer a solution out of the box.

 Again I refer to the forum post to accomplish what you need to do.

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