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#32844: Remove Post Formats and make them an optional plugin like Links
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Comment (by mor10):

 As @chipbennett and others have pointed out, there are several
 conversations going on here:

 1. Should Post Formats be moved to a feature plugin for further
 development? (the main topic of this ticket)
 2. What is the scope and function of Post Formats, and should it be
 3. How do we standardize the implementation of Post Formats on both front
 and back end.

 I think questions 2 and 3 are the most important ones, and they can only
 be addressed and fully explored if the feature is broken out into a
 Feature Plugin. You all remember that it was this feature that caused the
 new policy of Feature Plugins, but for whatever reason it never got the
 new treatment it spurred on. That was to its detriment.

 One possible solution to all this is to '''leave Post Formats in core as
 is and then start development on a Post Formats Redux feature plugin on
 the side'''. That way backwards compatibility and existing themes won't be
 affected, and users can choose to add the new and improved version of the
 feature as its being developed. This would also leave ample room to
 discuss questions 2 and 3 and reevaluate the function, functionality, and
 use cases for Post Formats in the future.

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