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#16025: Page and custom taxonomy query var 404s
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Comment (by anmari):

 Hi I think my problem is similar to the above, and I don't think the fix
 should be that hard (says I not knowing where to look in the wp template
 determination code myself!)

 Any page or post query that has additional query parameters that are
 taxonimies or categories now causes a 404.

 ie: http://localhost/wpbeta/?page_id=38827  works
 but this
 http://localhost/wpbeta/?page_id=38827&places=america causes a 404

 Before it used to display the page and then one could pickup the query
 parameters and use them in a shortcode plugin.

 I think wp 3.1 behaviour could be fixed by simply giving the page_id or
 post id query parameter the highest priority when determining the template
 - ignore the rest.  Does that not make sense?

 My events calendar plugin uses a page with a shortcode and then accepts
 additional query parameters which could be taxonomies amongst others.  I
 had a taxonomy widget which filtered wp_list_categories and swopped out
 the home page url to redirect it to the calendar page url.

 It all worked sweetly before.

 The thought has occurred to me that maybe I need to totally change the way
 it works (sigh).  Essentially I am using the page with shortcode as the
 template for the post types.  But this is not an ideal solution as it is
 desirable to perhaps also have a 'normal' archive for these things.  The
 shortcode listing applies ics RFC 5545 rules and allows recurring events,
 so is not really the same as an archive template.

 Sooo I come back to thinking that is a 'bug' to produce a 404 and that it
 makes more sense that if the query url has a page or post id in it, wp
 should serve that page or post up, never mind what else is in the url

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