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#9051: Specific Page Not Saving
 Reporter:  jonahcoyote     |       Owner:  anonymous                                      
     Type:  defect (bug)    |      Status:  new                                            
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Component:  Administration  |     Version:  2.7                                            
 Severity:  normal          |    Keywords:  save pages, save page error, 404, 404 not found
 I'm using Wordpress 2.7 for a website I'm developing and have come across
 a very strange error. For some reason, the word "from" in the body of one
 specific page and anywhere in the body of that page would not allow me to
 save. I am redirected to a 404 Not Found page, and the address in the
 address bar is: http://www.mydomain.com/wp-admin/page.php

 This only happens on a specific page for me within the specific copy for
 that page. As soon as I take out the word "from" in that pages copy, I can

 The page is titled "Our United Goal". I copied and pasted the following
 text (long):

 What do we know?
 ~ Thoughts are measurable, and they emit a frequency.
 ~  23 different experiments proved that when at least 8,000 people
 meditated, thought or prayed for the same solution at the same time,
 positive results occurred.

 Can you imagine?

 We WILL make a difference!

 Our goal is to have 10,000 or 100,000 or 1,000,000 people work together to
 create a solution.  And this is how we’re going to do it!

 Each month, Selcarim will select – from your suggestions or ours -  the
 topic of the month.  Leadership, Children, Peace, Abundance…

 *Two times each week, we will schedule a 5-minute
 mediation/prayer/universal thinking time.  Because of time zones, we will
 make one in the morning and one at night so everyone will have one time
 during their awake hours. We will give you a specific remedy upon which to
 meditate/pray/think.  In order to make it more specific, we will also give
 you a guided meditation to listen to – if you prefer.

 *To better our world and our days, we will also give you one positive
 thing to do each day for the month.  For example, do one kind act - that
 you normally wouldn’t do -  per day for that month.  See what happens!

 *And lastly, we would love to have everyone offer gratitude to or for
 something or someone everyday.  This can be done silently or directly,
 your choice.

 That’s it………..

 As reminders and so you can recognize other like-minded comrades, we have
 commissioned artisans to hand craft a different, beautiful glass bead for
 each month.  It can be worn, displayed in a bowl or vase, carried in your
 pocket or purse, and certainly collected.   Each of these colorful, unique
 beads will be embossed with the month, year and topic of the month and are
 meant to remind us of our goal.

 The monthly beads are only available two weeks prior to and during the
 month of issuance.  Make sure you place your order prior to midnight on
 the last day of the month because after that, they are gone forever.

 We also have a similar bead of the year that is meant to capture the over
 all goal of the year.

 Stand up!  Jump around! Clap your hands!

 2009 is The Year of Hope

 In the sentence: "Each month, Selcarim will select – from your suggestions
 or ours -  the topic of the month.  Leadership, Children, Peace,
 Abundance…" - is where the word "from" is located.

 I can insert "from" in other pages and other posts so it does not appear
 to just be the word itself but I cannot figure out what else it could be.
 My guess is that is some unique combination of "from" with other words or
 maybe other characters in the copy.

 I had tried the suggestion here from the forum:
 http://wordpress.org/support/topic/172300?replies=8#post-976447 - but that
 did not work. I had also tried disabling all plugins but that did not
 affect it either.

 I hope someone can figure this one out!

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