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#2933: Show messages from weblogUpdates.ping/extendedPing
 Reporter:  c960657                              |        Owner:  anonymous  
     Type:  enhancement                          |       Status:  new        
 Priority:  normal                               |    Milestone:  2.3 (trunk)
Component:  XML-RPC                              |      Version:             
 Severity:  normal                               |   Resolution:             
 Keywords:  has-patch 2nd-opinion needs-testing  |  
Comment (by c960657):

 Replying to [comment:14 Otto42]:
 > I don't like the idea of using 403/404 responses there. These often
 happen due to
 > server misconfigurations or other circumstances that are out of control
 of the
 > webmaster.
 This is why the server isn't removed instantly but only after 4 failed
 attempts. But I agree that 410 is a lot less likely to happen by mistake.

 I don't really care either way, though. The patch can easily be changed to
 allow a different number of retries for different error codes, or perhaps
 even more levels than the existing two.

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